Sunday, 20 September 2009

A lovely photograph

Busy weekend nears its end... Hooray! Although tomorrow looks horrendously busy too, which is not so good :-( Which means I'm a bit behind with my project, and I may not get a chance to catch up properly till Tuesday now. Or I may just ignore the washing mountain, the kids' packed lunches, my own need for sleep, etc, and craft the night away!!

So, not having a new page to show yet, I thought instead I'd share a photo I really like:

I have a thing about photos taken into the sun! This one I took at Chester Zoo last December. It was a beautiful day, cold and clear. I love the way the sun was shining through the bare branches of the trees.

I hope to share _something_ tomorrow, even if not a new LSNED page. Maybe another photo I like, or an old project, or something. But it does depend on me being able to find a spare few minutes in between my many commitments tomorrow - how did my diary get so full?!


Clair said...

I'm a sun flare lover too Mel. E-mailed you about that coffee and cake now that you're back on the net x

Cheryl said...

lovely pic Mel x