Saturday, 5 September 2009

It's All About Me Challenge

I came across this challenge blog the other day and the challenge has been sitting in my mind ever since! It was to create a LO on the theme of what you wish for. I think I've struggled a bit with it because I am fortunate enough to be blessed with so much in my life that I couldn't think what I did wish for! Then it clicked - my wishes are for my children, for their health, happiness and so on. The LO suddenly came together in my head and all I had to do was print, cut, stick and colour! Here it is:
The photo was taken at Easter. I jazzed it up slightly in Photoshop - the original was slightly dark, and I wanted to bring out the colours more. I made a 'mat' from pieces of ribbon in rainbow colours. I printed the journaling onto white linen-textured card (my favourite kind of card! I always have plenty of this in stock!) selecting 'outline' for the key words.

>> Top tip: I hate my own handwriting. I use it occasionally, I think it's important to preserve it in my scrapbooking, but I much prefer computer generated fonts, especially cursive fonts. This particular one is a free downloadable font, the details of which escape me!! (It's not loaded onto the laptop, which is what I'm using now; I printed the journaling off the PC! I'll look it up next time I'm on the PC. I love this font 'cos it's so like the Doodlebug All Mixed Up rub-ons.) I print it in a pale- to mid-grey, then go over it in black pen so it looks handwritten :-) <<

Anyway, journaling printed/written, I hand-drew a border and trimmed around each word. I coloured the letters of 'rainbow' using pencil crayons then stuck the whole lot onto white Bazzill, with rainbow-coloured buttons forming 'bullet points'.

For something that just came together at the last minute, I'm really pleased with it - the photo doesn't quite do it justice, the colours are rather brighter in real life! And in case the words aren't clear they say:

I wish you joy
I wish you peace
I wish you health
I wish you happiness
I wish you faith
I wish you hope
I wish you love

I wish you a rainbow

Wishing you all a rainbow this weekend :-)

(Oh my gosh that was cheesy!! rofl!!)


Miranda said...

Great layout! Love how you used the ribbon and buttons!

Melissa said...

So glad you joined the challenge! Love how the bright colors look with the background background. And your tip with the font/journaling is great too. Thanks for sharing!

Clair said...

Cheesy but good lady - it's great that you made wishes for your kids :) Hope to see you around for the next challenge.

Clair x

PS Did you get any further with the template - I haven't had the courage to re-do mine yet!!!

Jessica Griffin said...

Oh my gosh I love this!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow I love this too! Love the white space and the bright colours.. and of course your lovely wishes for your children.

Anonymous said...

it's just lovely!!!!!X