Thursday, 10 September 2009

Dinosaurs and deliveries

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I did my supermarket shop this morning. Halfway round the store I noticed a little toy dinosaur on the floor, near where a chap with a toddler in his trolley had just been standing (I think the toddler was his son, unless Asda have started selling children now?!) I picked up the toy and found the man in the next aisle and asked if it belonged to him; he was sooo relieved! It was clearly one of those 'special' toys, the loss of which would lead to screams and sleepless nights! I sure hope it was the child's toy, not his... Anyway, he thanked me profusely (I thought he was going to hug me at one point!) saying what a disaster it would have been to lose the dinosaur. I replied that I understood completely, I had two of my own. For a moment he clearly didn't realise I meant that I identified as a parent of two children myself, and thought I meant that I had two DINOSAURS of my own... rofl!! Today I have learnt that simple comments can be misunderstood!

I got back from the supermarket to find that postie had brought my new photo paper!! *happy dance* (I actually did do a happy dance when I opened it... *blush* So glad no-one could see me!) This means that later on I should be able to post pictures of the last few days of Learn Something New, and get back on track! Woo-hoo!!

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Anonymous said...

Mel, I would be doing a happy dance as well. I order printer ink well in advance and always have an extra supply of photo paper because I have gone too long waiting as well - and when you are on a roll a lack of paper and ink CANNOT get in our way! The dinosaur story is very funny, that guy must have been very confused for a minute.