Friday, 11 September 2009

Day 9

I would've made this yesterday but the eggshell piece was still drying...
The cardstock was divided up into these panels so it was easy to arrange the page! I typed all the journaling and cut it into strips. (I _love_ strips of text. Much prefer that to a big block, although I do use the latter sometimes.) I cut the piece of card I used for the technique to fit the left hand panel and chose green paint to try to tone in with the top and bottom strip. The details of the technique itself are on the LO so I won't include them here! But gosh, the footnote was heartfelt - I wanted to scrap this yesterday but the glue and paint were still drying till this morning!! I think I maybe used too thick a layer of glue - and I ignored the bit about letting it dry in between, which probably didn't help. I quite like the result, though I'm not sure how I'd use it on a card or LO; I might use this technique for altering stuff, like little wooden boxes or door hangers or picture frames or mirrors or...!

The LO for Day 10 will follow later :-)


Anonymous said...

Wow, this looks like a fun technique! Will have to give this a try.. even get the boys to try it! Or maybe that's an insane idea..

Rachel said...

It looks fantastic.