Thursday, 10 September 2009

Day 8, and a snapshot of my life...

Nearly forgot the reminder lol! My giveaway ends midday tomorrow (GMT).

I've finished my page for the 8th now:
Lots of details, bear with me!! Firstly, the greenish background is some handmade paper. I have a couple of bags of silk fibres I picked up ages ago. I arranged some of them on non-stick baking parchment and sprayed with shimmer ink in shades of green and a bit of blue. I then put another sheet of non-stick on top and ironed (there's my craft iron coming out again lol) - the heat fused the fibres together into silk paper :-) I mounted it onto cardstock for extra stability and because the piece was a little bit smaller than 6x6. (It's purple cardstock 'cos it's the back of my next page and it just happened to be purple.)

The 'thing learnt' was about what a treat it was to have my hair done! I hadn't managed it all summer because of having the children at home. I decided to stitch the title onto scraps of white card, as touchy-feely stitching seemed to fit the theme. I picked embroidery thread to match the paper, cardstock and my hair colour! The letters were just pricked out beforehand, I did it all fairly roughly (didn't write the words first or anything) as I wanted a 'handmade' finish.

I added stitching to the photo, too, using the inside of my roll of double-sided tape as a guide when pricking the holes (my tools work hard for me, you know). Finally, I arranged the title, photo, receipt (annotated) and a little plastic bag containing a trimmed lock of hair and stuck it all into place.

The hardest part of this LO? Taking a photo of me that I was happy with!! You'll note that my face is almost completely obscured... ;-)

And here's a photo from my day:
These are all mine, and all waiting to be washed... Either I drink too much coffee (and tea, and hot chocolate) or I don't do enough washing up!!


Jessica said...

It's not a treat when we can't see your face! Looks great... with out a face of course. :)

Anonymous said...

Mel, your attention to detail within your pages is amazing - I admire your patience. Maybe my lesson today is that I need to enjoy the process and not just whiz through things to get a quick result?! Stay tuned for a layout about that!

Anonymous said...

Hair looks great Mel.. now show us your face! ;o)

I love the handmade paper - definitely a job for the craft iron. Lovely result on your page.