Thursday, 10 September 2009

Day 7 of LSNED

A reminder to check out my giveaway!

Hooray, I'm catching up! Here's my page for the 7th:
I went back to work on Monday with a new stash of stickers (v cheap at Tesco) for use as bribes - er, I mean for rewarding good work and behaviour... My classes were so thrilled, even the older ones agonised for ages over whether to choose a star, an animal or a 'cool'! I'd kept the alpha stickers from the pack as not being so appropriate for the kids, and they were perfect for the title of this LO. The border of the photo is just a complete mixture of various stickers from my work file (may need to restock soon lol!) I also added some arrow stickers to point to the smiley being worn with pride in the photo :-) That's all mounted onto a piece of paper torn from a notebook and trimmed to size; the background card with the swirls has been in my stash _forever_. Can't remember the manufacturer, sorry. Oh, and after taking this pic I realised I hadn't dated the page - I've now stamped the date in the top right of the notepaper but can't be bothered to re-photograph the page!

Page for the 8th nearly complete and will follow shortly...


jimmysrabbit said...

Love the sticker border and the close up photo - cool LO

Clair said...

I'm way behind with my actual pages - but I'm going to take them to the crop on Saturday (shame you can't make it) and, fingers, crossed I'll catch up then. If I'm not too distracted by gossip, of course.

Glad you're back on track - I'm enjoying your pages x

Lou said...

Love how you've used all those stickers! As mother to 2 sticker obsessed kids I can totally relate to this and would give it a go if I thought I wouldn't have to sleep with one eye open if I dared to touch their stickers! :P