Sunday, 6 September 2009

Day 5

I'm tired and crotchety today. One of the lessons I've learnt already today - and the one that, at the moment, I'm leaning towards scrapping for my album - is that 'sometimes only chocolate will do!' Yes, I know we all know it already, but sometimes a lesson's worth learning more than once, right?! ;-)

Yesterday's 'thing I learnt' was that my USB flash drive is broken :-( I don't think I've lost anything vital because it should all have been copies of files I have safely stored elsewhere, but it's a nuisance because I use a flash drive all the time - it's great for transferring documents and presentations from the decent laptop I use for lesson preparation at home, to the really-not-very-good-and-rather-slow laptop I have to use at school! But then I realised the opportunity this gave me :-) The old flash drive was very plain and boring, but there are loads of different designs out there - all kinds of interesting shapes, patterns and colours. OK, so in the end the new one I ordered isn't an interesting shape or pattern, but it is a rather gorgeous shade of green, and I have plans to funk it up a bit with my stash when it arrives.

So, the page. I don't have a photo of the new drive yet of course, 'cos I don't have it yet! I could have photographed the old one I guess, but when I turned to the next page of my album I realised that I could focus on the journaling here - this is how...

The page was brown cardstock with the word 'dance' printed in blue, white and pink. I'd cut a 6x6 piece from a 12x12 sheet, so I also had some spare brown card. I realised that I could change the word to 'chance' by covering the 'd' with a piece of brown and adding die-cut letters (I made them pink just because I had a scrap of the right size and the right shade of pink!) I could then incorporate the word into the journaling. I cut strips of the brown card for the rest of the journaling - I tried stamping in white StazOn first but it didn't really show up (the date was OK, I kept that bit) so I tried again, using a white jelly-roll pen to handwrite the words (that didn't show up as clearly as I'd hoped either but it was better!) I added some pink brads and a strip of brown and pink ribbon for interest, and was done:
(Slightly crooked photo - I promise the ribbon is straight in real life...)

I've really enjoyed looking at everyone else's pages for this project. Sometimes though they are so amazing that I look back at mine and feel disappointed - that mine aren't 'good enough'. They're certainly not the best examples of my scrapbooking ability. Then I have to remind myself that they're not meant to be! What did I say to myself on Day 2? That I'm not going to worry about "perfect, super-duper, 'finished' LOs"? That one of the purposes of this project is to "showcase the assorted materials I've used for the pages", which I can't do if I'm covering them up with lots of beautiful layering and embellishments? Oh, yeah... And besides, this project is for *me*. I'm posting photos of each page on Shimelle's class forum, partly to keep me on track - and because I love looking at everyone else's, so it's only fair to share mine! And I'm posting them here, and that's partly because my blog posts for this month will be part of the finished project - here is where I'm telling the back story of each page, as well as the details of their construction. But really, the contents of my mini-album are for me, and it doesn't matter how the pages look! My creativity is coming out in the other pieces I'm producing at the moment, such as the Moo Card and my Rainbow Wish LO, and I'm happy with those. And I love the front cover of my LSNED album, and that's what will be on show when it's finished, anyway. So there!! That's me told!!

That was a long witter, sorry. But I needed to say all that to myself, I feel better now :-)

Time for more chocolate...


Claire said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I agree completely with todays lesson... sometimes only chocolate will do... so I'm going to go & find some. Can't wait to see your finished album.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your pages - I found your blog from the LSNED forum and you do such a great job of updating and going further into your 'lesson' learnt for the day! I wanted to let you know that I find it really nerve wracking and confronting to share my pages publicly. Scrapbooking is so personal for me and it has taken a long time for me to be brave enough to share. I love how different everyones pages are and I'm more than happy to view any story because I know how much effort we all put into our pages. Once I realised/accepted that the class is not about a technique critique I am happy to share because the work of others is such good fun to see.
Enjoy the choccy.
Amy Eaton

De said...

Hey there,
I am really enjoying your layouts and all of your lessons learnt. I can completely relate to your post. Anyone who knows me, knows I am my own worst critic when it comes to scrapbooking. I will spot faults with my layouts that no-one else notices until I bring it to their attention. It took me a long time to get up the courage to show my stuff away from the confines of my own roof. I am still incredibly self conscious of my stuff but more and more I am starting to leave my inhabitions behind and realise that I am doing this for me and no-one else. And that's all that matters... and chocolate of course :)
Cheers, De