Saturday, 5 September 2009

Day 4 of LSNED

Again, I felt inspired to get on with this page on the day itself - though as I didn't complete it till just after midnight, I was pretty confident I wasn't going to learn any new, more important things that I ought to have scrapped instead!

On Friday mornings during term-time I'm part of a group called Coffee Plus. We're a group of women from my church and we meet for coffee, chat, Bible study and prayer. Last year, particularly towards the end of the year, so many other things seemed to come up on Fridays - or sometimes I'd had such a busy week that it was too easy to say to myself that I needed some time at home, needed to get some housework done, needed to do this, that or the other, and just not go. I knew at the time I was missing it (even on the occasions when I 'chose' not to go, rather than having the choice made for me!) and I knew one of yesterday's lessons would be how much I'd missed it - sometimes you see these lessons coming, sometimes they take you by surprise, huh?

Anyway, that's the background story, here's the page:
(Sorry about the reflection of the flash, I took these photos last night - not that the light's much better this morning! Another grey day!)

The background is another giant card free from the National Wildflower Centre, trimmed down and then edged with my threading water punch, and mounted onto a 6x6 piece of cardstock (I'll use the other side of the cardstock for today's page). I used Doodlebug All Mixed Up rub-ons on white linen-textured card for the title, drew black borders around each word and cut them out individually. I mounted the photo onto white card, stamped the date, drew a border and trimmed, then punched holes on the left hand edge. The words are stuck onto the background but the photo mat is added to my album separately, partly because I wrote down something someone said at yesterday's Coffee Plus that made an impression on me and I really wanted to record it on the back of the mat, and partly so I can turn that page and see the whole of the background card - it's a beautiful image, quite fitting for the theme of the page (another happy coincidence!) and actually works quite well as a page without even needing the photo. See?
*doh!* That flash... I may retake these photos later!

I also started playing around with Shimelle's digital goodies last night, so I may have a bit more to share later - still quite new to this digi stuff but using her templates makes it so much easier!


Rachel said...

i love the background, thanks for sharing your back story. I really missed my home group over the summer, I don't often realise how much I get out of it until it stops, looking forward to getting back into it next week xx

Anonymous said...

Love the background photo of the teasel!