Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Day 30

Oops - quite thought I'd already blogged about this page but it appears not! Here's the final page of my album:

The back of Day 29 was the envelope I just mentioned here, so my first thought was to attach this page to the flap of the envelope so it could be opened outwards outside the album; I changed my mind though, I figured it might work better for this page to have a separate piece of cardstock attached to the book rings, allowing easier access to the list of extra lessons. So this is just a spare piece of white card cut to size, with offcuts of various papers trimmed into strips (recognise any from other pages in this album?!) I printed a couple of photos of the almost-complete album - it didn't contain this page yet,obviously - and added Dymo journaling. I nearly said something about how it felt good to finish this project, but that would suggest I was glad to get to the end, which so isn't true! But it does feel satisfying to have completed it, which is a different story altogether...

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Mermaid said...

Congrats! I stopped with the album on 14 th of september... But maybe next year! ;-)