Friday, 4 September 2009

Day 3 - gingerbread latte!

I actually did yesterday's page yesterday evening - I was hoping that I wouldn't learn anything major between then and midnight, and luckily I didn't! In fact the page isn't yet complete 'cos I have to print part of it, but I'll explain further as we go.

I wanted to document that I'd learnt that Asda sells Gingerbread Latte bath syrup. I _love_ Costa's gingerbread lattes - Fairtrade, and with skimmed milk - mmmmmmm..... So naturally, I had to get some of this bath syrup, didn't I?! (Just hope I don't get carried away and add it to my coffee...) They also do various other yummy products like vanilla creme brulee body polish, hot fudge bath oil, raspberry milkshake body lotion, applemint body scrub, and so on, and so on (I'm not on commission, by the way!) but it was definitely the gingerbread latte that did it for me. Here it is:
Having chosen this photo, I turned to the next page of my mini-album to find this:
It's an old greeting card I just really liked somehow, trimmed down slightly to 6x6. And it shows people getting mucky and in dire need of a bath. Happy coincidence or what?! BUT - I didn't really want to cover up this pic, especially as it fits the theme so well. What to do???

I decided to create an 'overlay' which I'll print onto acetate, trim to 6x6 and put into my book as a separate page with this card behind it. That way I get the effect but can still look at the whole picture if I want to. Here's the overlay, created in PSE:
Very simple, so as not to cover up too much of the card behind. I took down the opacity of the photo for the same reason, and also to help the text show up. You may have noticed that it's all pushed over to the left hand side? Ah, that's because I kept the receipt, so I'm going to use a piece of that to create a border on the right. (Er... Confession... I deliberately put the bath syrup on the conveyor belt in amongst the fruit and veg so the receipt would show those and not the crisps, pizza and biscuits...!)

So the page isn't complete, and won't be till I print off the acetate, but I've done that reverse hybrid thing again and mocked up what it will look like:
Remember yesterday, I used a cute little clip on the page? Well, that backs onto this page, so I can also use the clip to hold the background card and the acetate together, but remove it if I want to see the card properly. Clever, huh? (And that's why you can just glimpse that clip on the left hand edge of this mock-up!)

While I'm here, just wanted to mention that there's a new challenge over at "Something Completely Different", and it involves Moo Cards. And if you don't know what they are, you'll have to head over and find out, won't you?! Also, the fabulous Eve at Evalicious is running a giveaway - $15 worth of gorgeous embellishments - if you haven't already discovered Eve's stuff, do it now!!


Mermaid said...

Love this page! I think we have got the same taste: I love Moo Cards and I love Evalicious...

scarymary555 said...

Brilliant page clever are you?!

De said...

My gosh that is reallt clever! Mmm that body wash sounds like it would smell divine. I have to tell you I flew over here at lightning speed when I saw Gingerbread Latte... The being because I LOVE Starbuck's Gingerbread Latte's, I thought Christmas has come early. LOL :)

Melissa said...

Great page! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I could go for a gingerbread latte right about now (especailly since, for me, it's not quite 9AM).

Melissa said...

See, how early it is for me...can't even spell "especially" correctly! lol

Vikki said...

I love this! Looks fabulous. I love your idea of such an eclectic set of pages for your album, can't wait to see the rest.
Thanks so much for your kind post on my blog.

Jannet said...

I saw this at LSNED and I wondered how you did that - now i know!