Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Day 29

Here's my page for the 29th:

The background is a wax crayon technique. I used a pencil sharpener to create shavings of wax in different colours and arranged them randomly on some cheap glossy-finish paper. I put another sheet of glossy paper on top. I then added a large layer of non-stick baking parchment on top and underneath (in case melted wax seeped out the sides) and ironed the whole sandwich. I peeled the glossy papers apart while the wax was still warm. The random, splodgy, colourful and slightly hallucinogenic effect was perfect to represent my swirling thoughts and fuzzy brain when I'm tired! The journaling is printed onto acetate which I then cut to size, punched holes and added to the album in front of this patterned page. I'd found that the crayons were slightly prone to mark the facing page in the album so the acetate will help to prevent this, as well as looking good!

Oh, and 'the Sleep Thing'? So many times through this month my notebook has included the words 'get more sleep' (clearly it's a lesson I haven't yet learnt...) I've noticed that a lot of other class members have also documented sleep-related lessons. There always seemed to be another lesson that I wanted to scrap instead but a lesson that comes up this many times over a month really ought to be in my book - and here it is (at last!)

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Clair said...

Mel, I am so impressed with you trying all of these new techniques - especially on an album you're creating pages for every day.