Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Day 28

Only a couple of days to go now - can't believe this project is nearly over! I'm going to miss it... I've signed up for Journal Your Christmas though so at least I can look forward to that! And note that JYC will be going up in price from 1st October so if you might be interested, sign up now! (Shimelle says 'go up in price slightly', but however much the increase might be, it's surely better to take advantage of a lower price now, right?)

Anyway, here's my page for yesterday:

The Boy joined Cub Scouts just over a year ago, and the pack as a whole work on various badges as a group, plus individuals have an opportunity to do independent badge work. Yesterday all the parents were invited to the investiture of one of the new Cubs and to watch the presentation of various badges earnt. The Boy came home with: Outdoor Challenge, Collector, Nights Away (1), ICT (1), Bookreader, Hikes Away (5) and his 1 year membership badge. So, being a good mother, I straight away this morning got out my needle and thread and... stitched my journaling for this page ;-) I will do the badges!! Some time! Wish he could get his needlework badge...

The background that you can hardly see is a blue-ish paper I've never liked - I was quite pleased to cover it up! I found a piece of Aida of the perfect size in my stash, and sewed the lettering using a simple alphabet I made up. I also added a couple of stitches at 3 corners of the photo. The 7 new badges are shown in the photo laid on top of The Boy's folded Cub jumper, which is actually green rather than black; the large purple badge is his membership badge and is actually part of the photo - I sewed that one on a year ago!

Busy day today - German class, housework, craft catch up, school run, got to get the kids to The Nana (my Mum) so she can feed them and get The Girl to Brownies, then feed myself before going to a school governors' meeting later, home, packed lunches, maybe manage to spend 10 minutes with The Doctor (having barely seen him since Thursday evening!)...

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Gez Butterworth said...

Stunning page Humel. I'm really sad it's coming to an end too. Won't be long before the Christmas journal starts! hehe...xx