Sunday, 27 September 2009

Day 26

I've done a couple of pages out of sequence now - I know what I want to do for Day 25, but I was keen to scrap the moments from my weekend away and the lessons learnt there first. The Coffee Plus weekend away is an annual event where (most of) the group of women I mentioned here leave husbands, kids and other responsibilities behind and enjoy a lot of fun, fellowship, fresh air and quality time with God. I learnt and relearnt many things. One of them is the importance of this couple of days to help restore my soul. That sounds sooo weighty and almost pretentious now I write it down!! But it truly is how I felt as we walked along the Anglesey coast and enjoyed the stunning views of sea and mountains and then the lighthouse by Puffin Island. I took so many photos! And here's my page:

(Sorry about the flash! Lighting isn't good in my living room tonight!)

I added the text to the photo before printing and sanded the edges. I wanted something to overlap the edge (I realised most of my pages were strictly 6 by 6 - what a wasted opportunity in a mini-book!!) so I punched a white border with my poor overworked Threading Water punch and layered that onto blue card, and added that tp the edge of the photo. That is then inserted into the book so it lies on top of the background page but isn't adhered to it. (I'm liking this way of being able to still look at backgrounds I love.) The background is made from an offcut of giant postcard that was too small for anything much, and a piece of card painted using acrylic paints in blues and gold, applied with baby wipes. Here's a not-terribly-good photo of that background:

Oh, and I rounded the outer corners of the page, just because...

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