Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Day 25

So here it is, a bit late, but at least I have done it now. I'm not altogether happy with it (it's not terribly interesting) but I dealt with the not-beating-myself-up thing already and I was getting to the point where I might not get around to making this page at all if I put it off any longer!

The background is more of the cardstock I used on Days 1 and 20. I added a couple of pages about use of punctuation from the back of my little dictionary. Now, this lesson is not a big deal, but it's true that I do tend to notice errors - I totally realise that I'm setting myself up for a fall here! I bet I'll make a spelling or grammatical error soon enough, if I haven't made some already! But I'll just blame typos ;-) Things like misplaced apostrophes, your instead of you're, their or there instead of they're, loose instead of lose, less when it should be fewer, should OF instead of should HAVE... they all make me wince. Just slightly. I used various alpha stamps for the message, corrected my deliberate mistakes in red ink (which we're not actually supposed to do any more as teachers, but hey!) and cut the text into strips. Done. Now for Day 28...

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emhowl said...

Really satisfying to see a lay out that sums me up too!