Friday, 25 September 2009

Day 24

I finally got around to putting the car through a much needed car wash today. Oh boy, the difference!!

(These aren't before and after shots, by the way. I wish I'd thought of that in time, but I didn't... It's just two angles on the clean car.)

For the journaling I used four different fonts, Love Letters, Crushed Out Girl, Girls Are Weird and the snappily named CK_Alis_Hand_Official, all available from DaFont. I printed and then wrote over the words for a handwritten look and cut out each word separately. The 'bubbles' are punched from vellum and then stuck with Icicle Stickles so you can see the glitter through the vellum. I was going to fill in the letters of 'sparkly' with Stickles too, but didn't trust myself not to make a mess of it!! Oh, and the background is a giant postcard, edged with my Threading Water punch, and mounted onto the back of yesterday's page.

I'm going away for the weekend - heartlessly leaving behind The Doctor and The Children with barely a backward glance, and spending a couple of days on Anglesey with a group of friends! I shall try to set up a couple of auto-posts in case my blog gets lonely with me away, but I may forget to submit them or something silly again... And I'll get slightly behind with my pages, though I hope to have a bit of time for catching up on Sunday evening. Anyway, have a good weekend everyone :-)

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Clair said...

It's nearly the end of the month Mel. I'm sure you can take a well deserved break - nearly there with all your pages. I didn't get past the album cover!!!