Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Day 23

I'm battling against intense tiredness at the moment. I've been very busy so maybe it's just that, but I'm also going to pick up some vitamins tomorrow and keep an eye on what I'm eating for a few days, as well as try to get some early nights, and I don't perk up a bit I may need to check in with the doctor to make sure there's nothing else going on. I've noticed that my latest pages have been really simple and it's partly because I don't have the energy to do much else at the moment (I've done very little else creatively-speaking lately, too - just the Metal Moo - meant to have a go at the challenge at All About Me but it's been and gone, there's a new one now, all about what colour you are - not sure if I'm blue or grey right now but I'm normally something a bit more vibrant!)

Anyway, as this meandering post shows, I'm not my usual sparkling, witty self... ;-) So please bear with me till I wake up again! Meanwhile, here's my page for 23rd September (which I've made already, even though there are over 3 hours of today to go):

I had a day of supply with a Year 5 class today, and amongst other things we covered the Tudors, and Henry VII in particular. I learnt about him when I was at school but I'd forgotten a lot! I was impressed at how much the kids knew already, and we had a lot of fun creating Who Wants to be a Millionaire games using PowerPoint, where the questions were all about Henry VII. I had to photocopy this biography for the class so I sneaked in an extra copy, shrunk down, and tucked it in a pocket created from an offcut of Beatnik Boy paper. (I kept the ID strip on 'cos the offcut wouldn't have been deep enough otherwise, but I quite like the effect anyway.) The journaling is on three strips from the same paper range, which are only glued at the left hand end - the loose right hand edges help to keep the biography in place but allow me to take it out if I want to. Not a very exciting page, but that's where my energy levels took me and I'm OK with it!

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