Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Day 21 and The Time Traveler's Wife

And I'm back up to date :-) Here's my page for yesterday:

I had a stupidly busy day yesterday, lurching from class to meeting to next class to next meeting to... You get the idea! I had two choices for this page: go mad with embellishments to make an ultra-busy page, or keep it really really simple to reflect how tired I was by the end of it. I went with the latter 'cos it was easier, 'cos I'm still shattered now, even though it's been relatively quiet day. So, photo of my diary, journaling using peel-off letters, stamped date, and all mounted onto another quarter of the cardstock I used back on Day 5 and Day 13. That'll do :-)

Oh, and I finished The Time Traveler's Wife. Oh.... my.... gosh.... Wow! I don't know if I dare watch the film, it's important to me that films of books are faithful to the books (so the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice gets the thumbs up, but the Alex Rider film was _rubbish_) I found the film of PS I Love You a bit disappointing and I'd hate to tarnish my memories of this book by watching a below-par film version. Has anyone both read the book and watched the film? Any advice?

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