Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Day 20

Still playing catch-up, but here's my page for 20th September:

It's so true!! We've done an awful lot of driving up and down motorways - holidays, visiting family, etc - and we've been stuck in traffic jams, sure, but nearly every single journey we've seen much worse delays on the opposite carriageway. I don't tend to stress too much when we're in a traffic jam, but it does help to remember that we don't have it as bad as if we were going the other way. Even through roadworks (see the '50' speed limit?) we pretty much sailed through our journey home on Sunday.

The background is another piece from the sheet of cardstock I used for Day 1. I got a photo of a traffic jam from Free Foto for the background, printed in black and white, and layered on a colour pic The Doctor took of us having a clear run! I totally and shamelessly stole an idea of Shimelle's, about shoving some of the journaling close together (bumper to bumper) to represent the jam, and placing the last bit spaced out to show the freedom of not being stuck! Oh, and to do the journaling, I used the trick I described here to get a handwritten look. The font was a free download from DaFont (it's called Cheryl).

Hoping to spend some more time scrapping tonight, but I have homework to do first!!

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