Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Day 15

Pesky internet is down >:-( Technician chappy will be coming on Friday to (I hope!!) fix the problem; meanwhile, a kind friend is letting me borrow her connection so I don't get too far behind - and don't go completely mad at not being able to get online! (Today I have learnt how reliant I am on the internet...)

Here's the page I made for yesterday:
I love cooking and baking, it's another outlet for my creativity. Yesterday evening I had a meeting at our house (to plan for our church weekend away) and tonight there's another meeting at ours (weekly house group) so I made a batch of biscuits so I could offer them round and be a good hostess ;-) For one reason and another I haven't done much baking lately, and this quick and simple recipe reminded me how much I enjoy it. I hate my own handwriting but this was an obvious page to use it, so I wrote out the recipe on a piece of notepaper, leaving space to overlap the photo. The background is formed from a couple of off-cuts - some printed watercolour paper, and a patterned cardstock from I have no idea where! I journaled onto blue Dymo tape and added a heart clip for interest.

Yesterday I also started another blog, just to organise my recipes. A fuller version of this biscuit recipe is on it and I hope to add various family favourites over time. You're very welcome to have a look and try any recipe that takes your fancy :-) Oh, but apologies to overseas readers - I've stuck to the measurements that I use, so it's in ounces; I may look up some conversions some time and update but I may not get around to it... Also, I haven't had a chance to play with the settings and improve the look of that blog yet (and clearly won't for a few days, because of the internet problem - grr...)

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JanS said...

Your biscuits look so yummy. Check out my page tomorrow as I baked my first cupcakes today, delicious a recipe from Sainsburys magazine for Oct