Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Day 14

After quite a 'heavy' page yesterday, a more light-hearted one here:
The background is a piece of cotton fabric from an old pair of trousers The Girl outgrew (they were pretty trashed, couldn't even pass them on to a charity shop!) I mounted it onto a piece of chipboard for stability. It also helps to strengthen my album overall, as this page is fairly central. I stamped the jounaling onto card and trimmed it into strips - a mixture of studio g, PaperArtsy and PSX alpha stamps. The strips are arranged haphazardly to illustrate that I sometimes get a bit tongue-tied on the phone! I added a trio of buttons because of the phone having buttons (well, it made sense to me...) to fill the empty corner of the photograph. Oh, and a strip of AMM card :-)

I really don't like making phone calls, especially to people I don't know. And I hate, hate, hate answerphones! Yesterday I had to phone a few parents to discuss offering their children some free after-school tuition. I knew 3 of the parents quite well so that was OK, but I was a bit scared of the last one and wasn't at all sure how he'd react to the suggestion that his child might need help, even though it was for a positive reason. Well, it was absolutely fine! The guy was really friendly, grateful for the offer, keen to accept, and even asked me to call him by his first name!! All that worry for nothing...


Mermaid said...

I dont like phone calls either! But sometimes you have to call. Great page and the buttons are really nice on it!

Anonymous said...

Answering machines always leave me bamboozled, the other day I was repeating my message to my hairdresser in the middle of the message. Luckily she thought that I was pretty funny - I thought I sounded like a weirdo.
Mel, my computer wont let me download the Shabby Princess kit you recommended - not sure why. I think you will like the Ali Edwards Overlays, they have made this class a breeze for me. I was wanting to keep the pace because I wanted some creativity inspiration rather than just trying to keep up per se, these have helped me a great deal and I have even had time for some paper scrapping.
Your fabric background looks fabulous. By the way - sorry for the ramble, I always seem to write way too much LOL!

Rachel said...

Fab layout, very bold and striking, the fabric looks brilliant.