Monday, 14 September 2009

Day 13

A journaling page for September 13th:
I took this photo while the page was still in the album, so it was slanting, which makes the text look crooked at the bottom... I promise it isn't!!

OK, so the background card is another piece from that sheet that said 'Dance' (that I used back on the Day 5 page). Inside the printed circle was a large letter 'D' that I really didn't need, so I used a dimensional sticker from Marcella by K which I got free with Scrapbook Inspirations a little while back. It's glittery with a big gem in the middle, very pretty! I used my Big Shot and a couple of different alphabet dies to cut the text from co-ordinating card colours.

And now for the back story, including the rusty bucket... *WARNING!* I'm a Christian, and my lesson yesterday was about God and the Bible. I don't want to shove my faith down anyone's throat; it's part of me so I'm bound to mention it occasionally, but I didn't set up this blog to try to convert anyone. Don't feel any obligation to read any more of this post!!

The Doctor and I co-ordinate the children's work at our church. It can be a tiring, demanding, stressful job at times! I do get down about it sometimes and worry about whether things will come together. And they always do! I mentioned last week that I need to keep learning to trust God. I remembered that lesson yesterday, as the Sunday Club term started, all the leaders came along, everything fell into place, and it was all fine. The rusty bucket? Well, the group I was leading yesterday was a bit chatty and restless, but instead of getting stressed about it, wondering if the children would remember anything of what we were reading and discussing or whether I was just wasting my time, I remembered a story I heard in a school assembly a few years ago.

A young boy was given a Bible by his grandmother, and she asked him to read a bit of it every day. A while later she asked him if he was keeping up with his reading. He told her that he found it hard, because he never seemed to remember what he'd read, so didn't feel that it was really worth it - basically, he felt discouraged. Grandma pointed to an old rusty bucket in the corner and asked the boy to fill it from the well outside and bring her the water. Off went the boy, but the bucket was so old it had rusted through in places and all the water escaped. He went back to the well and tried again, but the same thing happened. After a few tries, he went back to his grandmother, feeling cross and frustrated. "It doesn't work!" he said. "Look, there's no water - the bucket's full of holes!" His grandmother calmly replied, "But can you see how clean the bucket is now? How the water has scoured away so much of the rust and washed away the dirt?" And the boy understood that he didn't need to remember everything he read in the Bible, it would still have an effect, and he would still be better - 'cleaner' - for it.

I hope you don't mind me sharing that story :-) It's an important part of my lesson for today - remembering it at the right time saved me a lot of stress!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mel! I want to thank you for that story! It's one I need to remember! I saw the page on the LSNED forum and wondered about it! Glad I came to look! I always would wonder if the children learned anything...especially when they were more inclined to chat with each other than to listen! When I was teaching it stressed me out most of the time! I am on a break now, I moved and have not gone back to teaching the kids at church...but I will remmeber this story for when I do!! thanks again! Linda in Ohio, USA