Friday, 11 September 2009

Day 10

Yes, I know it's my third post of the day... And depending how I get on with the housework, there may yet be another one this evening 'cos I have a 12x12 LO to share! For now though, here's my LO for September 10th:
I'll be honest with you, I don't like it all that much, but I remembered what I said to myself on Day 5 and so I don't care that the colours don't go, that the composition isn't great and that it's just not terribly interesting! The back story is simply that while in Asda doing my supermarket shop I couldn't help but notice that the George department had a sale on - so as well as the groceries I came home with a new pair of school trousers for The Girl (she needed them), 4 new pairs of socks for me (I sort of needed them...) and a new pair of cropped trousers, also for me (I definitely didn't need them!)

I used the 1/2 price tag from the cropped trousers, and mounted the sticker from the school trousers onto a die-cut tag. Another die-cut tag has the date stamped on it (really not happy with that bit. Wanted something overlapping the edge but it's not right. Oh well...) The title is stamped onto George tags (those thick ones - I have quite a supply!) I accidentally stamped the 'y' sideways, *doh!* So I decided to make a feature of that and stamp some of the other letters sideways or upside-down, too. I printed the 'sale' word to match the signs in store, and cut up the receipt to make use of anything that was about saving money.

Even if the LO isn't one of my best, I'm pleased to have documented this. It's not a new lesson, that's for sure! But as it's a part of who I am, I'm glad it made its way into this book :-)

I just wanted to mention the lovely Amy from the Learn Something New class, 'cos she made my day today :-) She left a kind comment about my LO for Day 8 yesterday, about my attention to detail. (Shucks, now I feel bad that Day 10's LO is so thrown together!) Well, her scrapbook page for yesterday was that she'd learnt from _me_ about taking time to enjoy the creative process!! I am so proud to think that my style and approach could inspire someone else to be creative :-) Thank you so much Amy, your comment and mention of me in your LO means a lot to me. (I've secretly been envying Amy madly for her beautiful, stylish and simple LOs and kind of wishing I'd done mine like that too!! I love that craft and creativity can vary so widely and yet always be fulfilling and fun.)

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Anonymous said...

Mel, we'll have to start our own mutual admiration society LOL!
We have end of third term school holidays coming up in a week and we are going away for the full two weeks so I thought that I would make a travel journal similar to the one Shimelle made on her blog a little while ago. I think this would be a good way for me to use my own handwriting and to keep lots of goodies and information from our little trip.
When we are away I'll have my computer so I can still upload my photos and make my pages in photoshop but we wont have internet connection - I'll miss the end of class which makes me a bit sad as I've thoroughly enjoyed this one. I'll just have to upload my pages when we get back.
Have a lovely weekend and I'll 'see' you over at LSNED