Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Craft and Confession

OK, confession first: I still haven't done my homework... But I may yet do it this evening, there is still time! And I do have until next Tuesday, after all.

Instead, I've made a Moo Card for this week's challenge at "Something Completely Different" :-) The theme this week is metal. My first idea (and one I'm still planning to do some time) was to cut a piece the right size from an empty soft drink can and use that as my base, but I haven't had a canned drink yet this week so that idea is on hold for now! Till I can pursue that, I cut some heavyweight card to size and embossed it several times with a mixture of gold and silver embossing powder. The reason I have a mixture of gold and silver is that it turns out tubs of embossing powder do not have childproof lids and so should not be left within reach of your toddler daughter. Luckily it also turns out that embossing powder can be scraped off the carpet and returned to its pots, though not separated back into its different colours. Several years later I still have a bit of the mixture left - it still comes in handy for a project now and then!

Having built up a few layers, while the top coat was still hot and soft I scattered a few tiny pieces of metal over and pressed down lightly. I mentioned here that I take watches to pieces when they stop working, and then use the little cogs, screws and springs? I used some on the inside cover of my LSNED album. Well, that's what I used here too. I remelted the embossing a bit then added one more layer of powder and heated for a final time.

Enough talk! Here's the Moo:


Carol Plume said...

fab idea with the embossing - love the added bits too - great metal moo!

Thank for joining us at SCD this week - hope to see you again soon...

Limarea said...

What a great metal moo! :)

Gez Butterworth said...

Oooh its super Humel. Thanks for joining us again this week. Gez.