Friday, 28 August 2009

Today's project

Shimelle's first prompt arrived last night. It's all about getting prepared... But I already did that, right? I made my album, I made my covers, I even decorated the insides of the covers already! So I was excited to get the prompt, it makes me feel like the class really is about to start, but I didn't expect to need to 'do' anything else till 1st September. But then I began thinking about her ideas last night when I couldn't sleep. She talked about the different ways you can do this project: scrapping, digi, journaling, a combination... I was thinking about my plan to make notes in my diary throughout each day, so when I come to scrap/journal I won't forget the details, even if I can't manage to do the page straight away (and with two trips planned in September there will almost certainly be times when I can't). Shimelle mentioned that those of us planning to journal our way through the class should get prepared by finding a nice notebook and pen. I suddenly decided that instead of using my diary pages, I'd make myself a special notebook to go alongside my album. And here it is:
So that's what all the mess was on my coffee table earlier ;-) It's a 4x6 book; the front cover is heavy-weight cardstock covered in a piece from one of those Ikea pillowcases. I didn't worry too much about keeping the corners tidy, I felt it wasn't necessary for this project! I ripped a piece of corrugated cardboard and painted a line of white acrylic, then when it was dry I flattened it slightly and stuck on some Basic Grey letters (I ran out of 'e's so did that old trick of using a '3'). I attached the strip to the front then added 3 orange buttons with green embroidery thread knotted through. The inside cover is tidied up by attaching another piece of cardstock to hide the raw edges of the fabric. I also stamped the word 'journal' (PaperArtsy stamp). I didn't have quite the right colour ink, so I inked up in black, stamped onto scrap card, then inked again in Whisper Sage - perfect :-) See?
The inside pages are various repurposed papers, like with the album. In the photo above you can see a glimpse of a page from an old music book and the edges of the page after, which is made from graph paper. I used paper from a couple of notebooks, an old A-Z, a couple of postcards I got free from Ness Gardens, some trimmed down 'experiments' from when I was trying out lemon juice backgrounds, and pages from another couple of old books. I also put in a little envelope to collect any scraps, receipts or anything else relevant. This double page is an example:
For old book pages, I dry-brushed over some white acrylic paint thinly, so you can still see the text in the background but my writing over the top will be visible. On the postcards and any other dark pages I painted thicker white lines to make sure the writing shows up.

The back cover is a piece of chipboard, inked with more Whisper Sage and stamped with a few more PaperArtsy stamps:
I'm really pleased with it - it's cute, it's small enough to keep in my bag (together with my camera) throughout September, and it uses up some more of the stuff that was cluttering up my living room... BUT!! Take another look at the top photo. You see that dirty mark, near the top book ring??? It appeared when I used my Crop-a-Dile to punch the holes, and I have no idea how! :-( Never mind, I can live with it, and I'm sure it'll look rather more worse for wear when it's been carried around in my bag for a while, but still - annoying!

Just finally, in case anyone didn't see today's post from Shimelle, can I also recommend the Craftig site? It's a place where people share links to great craft projects and well worth a browse :-)


Clair said...

I suggest throwing it around the garden so that dirty marks look as though they're supposed to be there and the journal starts to look lived in :)

Anonymous said...

Hi. Visiting from Shimille`s. You got it all together! I haven`t decided on the size yet. Really like you album.

Anonymous said...

Cool book :0)
secretscrapper xx

PJ said...

Hi there, thanks for stopping by on 'life and scrapping'! Wow, you're al prepared for class, god job! My album is almost done, and i'm trying to share it later today! Have a good Sunday!

Gez Butterworth said...

Hi Humel. Your journal is looking fab & so is your blog. Mmmm Ben & Jerry's yum!

Have fun. See you in class.

Happy crafting.

Jane said...

love the journal and your blog, look forward to seeing more xx

Helen said...

Hi there, love the idea of notebook, great cover !! see you in class,