Sunday, 30 August 2009

Title page and birdhouse!

Still impatient for Learn Something New Every Day to start, so today I worked on a title page:
I've had the background paper for ages, I've never really liked it to be honest... Which made it an ideal candidate for using up as part of this project. I crumpled it mercilessly then inked it liberally, and actually after that I liked it rather more! I then - wait for it - GOT THE IRON OUT!! (I only ever iron for craft purposes lol... I even keep a travel iron in my craft cupboard!) When the paper was reasonably flat I put it through my typewriter to add the details of the event, participants and comments. It was going quite well till I accidentally leant on the 'f' key while leaning forward to reach the laptop and check Shimelle's website address (*doh!*) I went back over that bit with 'X's and actually, it turned out fine - in keeping with the distressed background. I also typed 'Good to go' on a separate scrap of the paper, crumpled and inked as before, and stuck it in the corner.
The picture above is a kind of reverse hybrid lol! I haven't printed the photos yet, but I've arranged them, added borders and text, and played around with the colour to tone them in more with the backgrounds. That file is saved in PSE and waiting to be printed (haven't sussed my new printer yet. Not that LSNED is an obsession or anything, but I'm deliberately waiting till September to try the printer again so if I can learn how to use it I can include that in my album...) I photographed the background page, opened it in PSE and dragged the photos on top to give an idea of how it will look when finished.
I promised Jess that at some point I'd post a picture of a birdhouse project I did. Coincidentally, she's been working on one too! Hers is here: Can You Pixel This? And mine is here:
Mine's a box frame from Ikea, painted white inside and out (deliberately going onto the glass - think painted-closed windows) then with gold paint thinly brushed over the outside. I stamped the bird onto old dictionary pages, using Feather Flourish stamps from Stampendous. The body is on the page listing 'bird', the wing says 'wing', and - you guessed it - the tail says 'tail'! I inked the pages before stamping, then mounted onto chipboard and trimmed outside the outline before sticking the pieces together with glue dots. I punched holes in the body with my Crop-a-Dile and used wire to make the legs and to attach the bird to a branch picked up on a recent walk. I put a blob of white-tack on the bottom and stuck the branch into this, then covered the base with white tissue paper. Finally, I used StazOn to stamp 'gilded cage' (PaperArtsy stamps) and 'tweet' 'tweet' (studio g) straight onto the glass. Birdhouses also happened to be the theme at "Something Completely Different" this week - just discovered this weekly challenge blog on Friday - it's cool :-)
Oh, you know that vow I made not to buy anything new for LSNED? Er.... Does ordering bigger book rings count?! The only ones I could find before were only just big enough to hold the pages together, and I haven't added any photos or embellishments to my pages yet!


Carol Plume said...

A very different take on the theme which is great to see - thank you for joining us at something completely different - hope to see you again soon

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments about my front cover. Yours is great too! I think I'll work in tandem because I want to find out more about digi. Probably only publish the digi to the blog though.I have only done two digi los,which are somewhere on the blog.I think I followed a tutorial on either 2peas or shabby princess and then tried the techniques out on a UKscrappers challenge.

themathchick said...

I love your title page!! Great job :)

Dawn said...


Well I love your birdie box!! Great idea and such a lovely birdie too!

thanks for joining us on SCD


Anonymous said...

Getting the iron out for craft purposes is the only approved use for it! LOL!

Love the title page.


Gez Butterworth said...

Thanks for joining us this week on Something Completely Different. Hope to see you again soon. New challenge up tomorrow!

Hope you managed to find out how to include links. Give me a shout if you need any help! Gez.xx