Thursday, 27 August 2009

Learn Something New Every Day

So, I signed up for Shimelle's class last week. It runs through September, and - well, the title kind of says it all, really! We get a daily prompt to keep us going, and the idea is to produce a page each day. When I'd paid I got access to last year's prompts, too, so I had a good browse and started thinking about how I wanted to do this. I noticed that there was a prompt to do with the covers but I got a bit impatient and decided to put it all together now anyway! (I can't wait to get started properly - I keep learning stuff and wishing it was September already so I could scrap it in my book!)

Right now I'm loving handmade journals with repurposed materials (see Eve's work for examples of the kind of thing that inspires me!) I decided I wouldn't buy anything new for this project, but would make a real effort to use up all the stash that (a) I've been keeping forever for 'something special', (b) I bought on impulse 'cos it looked great but never got round to actually using, (c) it came as part of a pack and I've never really been sure about it, or (d) not in those categories but it's been hanging around for ages! (I nearly gave in and bought Shimelle's kit anyway, to put aside for another project some time, but dithered so long they sold out again - this is probably a good thing!)

I've put together a 6x6 album, made myself out of various papers and cardstock, bits of card where I experimented with background techniques, some acetate, an old cardboard box, some giant postcards I picked up free somewhere, an old birthday card, a pair of cotton trousers my daughter grew out of... Nothing really goes together, but hey, that's the style I'm aiming for with this album!

Here's the front:
The front cover's made from 6x6 acetate with various letter stickers. 'Learn' = blue velvet stickers free with Scrapbook Inspirations a while back; 'something' = me & my Big ideas mini alphabet (ran out of 'o's so used a button instead!); 'new' = Handcraft Art chipboard, covered with gold Stickles; 'every' = Basic Grey Fusion; 'day' = a random sheet from a whole pad of stickers, can't remember manufacturer, covered with rose pink pebeo gloss touch; couple of bracket brads. Behind that you can see a sheet of 6x6 cardboard box, stripped back to show the corrugated card!

This shows just the acetate page (these photos are dreadful, sorry...)
Here you can see the two pages from an old pocket dictionary I attached to the cardboard. I chose the pages with 'learn' and 'study'. Sadly, they turned out to also include 'lecherous' and 'strumpet'... rofl!! I painted over thinly with white acrylic paint to tone them down a bit and make the lecherous strumpet less obvious. I used Kopp design rub-ons on white cardstock and trimmed into strips for 'September 2009'. A couple of '&' rub-ons and an '8' from the same range provided the background for the punched stars.
Inside front cover. The background is a lovely Creating Keepsakes paper called Moments in Time, I've been hoarding it for sooo long... I stuck lace and printed twill along the edge, added a couple of buttons, stamped the butterfly quotation really badly the first time so restamped it a few times to make a feature of the shabby vintage look lol! Once that had all dried I stamped it once more, sprinkled with gold embossing powder, then gently brushed a little powder off so the embossed image would look a bit distressed. I stamped and embossed the watchface (stamp free with Simply Stamping, remember Simply Stamping? *sigh*), a PaperArtsy butterfly, and the word 'time' from that quotation stamp again, cut out the elements, wrote the other words in gold pen and trimmed, and stuck it all down with various bits from an old watch I took to pieces when it stopped working (if you look closely, the stamped watchface has real hands!)
Inside back cover. Another piece of the CK paper, with part of a page rescued from an old book, a couple more buttons, and a face stamped onto fabric (I felt like she needed a Cindy Crawford mole, so I added a brad too!)
Back cover. Very simple here, more corrugated card and a stamped 'Remember This' card waiting for my signature and date of completion (I'm an optimistic person!)
I'll post pages here as I complete them, and talk about the different repurposed stuff I've used as I go.
Phew, mammoth post... If you've got through that lot, well done!


Anonymous said...

Look at you!! Two posts in one day, you're an overachiever! Looks great, and you've already got two people following you!! And you didn't think anyone would read...

. said...

Hi :)

I found my way over here from Shimelle's place. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. It's addictive! You have been warned! LOL.

Lovin' the covers and the pages. They look really "touchy feely" iykwim....loads of yummy textures.

themathchick said...

Hi! I also found my way here via Shimelle's forum. I love the look of your covers and pages so far - looking forward to seeing more! Cheers :)

Anonymous said...

Super-duper start to your LSNED book and blogging!!
All the best,
SarahLP x

Scrapdolly said...

Your cover is awesome - I can't wait to see how this project develops (and I so want to know what you are doing with the fabric!!!!!)

Hannah said...

Wow, your cover is amazing! I haven't done anything yet, other than get my kit from Shimelle! Might be stealing some of your ideas tho ;-) Hannah x

Maja said...

Your cover is really cool!

Gez Butterworth said...

Hi Humel. Gosh you have been a busy bunny!! Your cover is looking fab. I like the idea of using up stash. Well done for getting off to a flying start.

Have a good day. Gez.xx

Kate said...

Great book ,love your style of covers :0)

Donna B. Miller said...

This is just lovely. I'm still working on my cover.

Anonymous said...

Love it so far! It's great how you've used so many different bits and bobs, I'm using up old stash too. XXX