Friday, 28 August 2009

Ikea etc

Woo-hoo - I have comments!! I have followers!! I am pathetically excited about this... Thanks guys, you've made my day!

I went to Ikea on Wednesday. I went to find some new bedding for all of us; I came home with several metres of the most gorgeous fabric... But then, it's physically impossible to go to Ikea and NOT bring back something that wasn't actually on your list, right?! I did get the bedding I needed, too - and the single bedding sets came with 2 pillowcases each and the doubles with 4, while we only need 1 and 2 respectively - so I get to cut up the pillowcases and use that fabric too! Bonus :-)

(The first five patterns are 'proper' fabric, the last four are pillowcases - see how well the first pillowcase coordinates with the last couple of fabrics!)

I've already made a start at using a bit of this; this is what my coffee table currently looks like:

Note the cup of coffee riskily close to the project - I like to live dangerously ;-)

I hope to post later to show and tell about the completed project - hope you can contain your excitement...


Anonymous said...

Hi Mel,
LOVING your blog so far! This fabric project looks very interesting.. can't wait to see what you make with it. I love using repurposed materials too and can never throw out bits of cardboard etc.
LOL, your coffee cup just waiting for a chance to spill over your fabric.. i do just the same..

Clair said...

I always have a 'trusty' cup of tea at my side :)

ally said...

love the idea of using ikea fabric, they have some awesome prints.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mel, congrats on the blog, its great fun (as you will discover). Popping in from Shimelle's; thanks forf commenting on my blog too! You album looks fab, I am a fan of Eve too; just received her new travel journal, it rocks! See you in class. scappysue