Saturday, 29 August 2009

My favourite layout

I don't expect to get much crafting done today - maybe a few bits and pieces in front of the TV tonight, but nothing worth posting. So instead, I thought I'd sort through photos of some of my older stuff and start sharing that :-)

Here's my favourite LO I've ever made:
I did this as part of an article published in Scrapbook Magazine Issue 27, round about November/December 2007, about how to use old clothes on your LOs. My first and only published scrapbooking article (so far...), though I've had a few cardmaking ones in print now! The title is cardstock stickers from Handcraft Art, which I painted pink to match the pink flowers (it took three coats and lots of remixing white, red and a touch of blue to get that shade right!) The flowers are die-cut (Sizzix Flower #1) from an old burgundy corduroy skirt of mine and an old pink corduroy skirt of my daughter's, then finished with coordinating buttons. The stems are handstitched in green embroidery thread. I love the simplicity of this, and the way the blue of my girl's eyes matches that of her denim skirt - not planned, but I like it!! I should confess though that I took the photo with this LO in mind - I took the two skirts to the florist to find flowers of the exact right colour...

And I'd also just like to tell you how I ever had my work published in the first place! I started by sending a couple of cards into readers' galleries and letters pages, and had some success with that. This was my first ever readers' gallery card:
This was in Cardmaking and Papercraft way back in Issue 7, Christmas 2004. That gave me enough confidence to send in a few more, and to start putting my work on a couple of online galleries. Around about that time, a new magazine was starting up: Simply Cards and Papercraft. Someone on the production team saw my gallery and contacted me to ask if I would submit cards to their readers' gallery. My first was in Issue 4, Easter 2005. Here it is:
Gosh, was my hand sore after all that hand-cutting!

Well, after a few of these and winning the 'star letter' prize with a photo of a mini album I'd made, I gained enough confidence to start entering competitions. In Issue 19 of Simply Cards they ran a competition to make a card using fabric. I had a sudden idea involving the back pocket of my man's ragged old jeans. Here's the card:
As you can see, it's a hanging card, and various greetings are printed onto strips of card tucked into the pocket. I added a flower made from felt, an altered clothes tag and a charm made from fibres, ribbons and metal embellishments. I still love the idea, though now I have more experience and know a bit more about composition etc I'd do it differently, I think. But - I won the competition!! Woo-hoo!! £200 worth of products from Crafty Computer Paper (I'm still working my way through it!)

That was exciting enough, but then Simply Cards contacted me to ask if I'd work up the idea into a whole article on using fabric on cards. Would I?!! Oh boy!! I'd never dreamed I'd be good enough to write for craft magazines! That first feature appeared in Issue 27, Christmas 2006. Since then I've been asked to do several other articles for Simply Cards and its sister publications, and I've submitted a couple of my own ideas for publication too. I'll share more of my published work in due course!

One more thing before I go. I've spent a lot of time over the past couple of days visiting other people's blogs - mainly those of my Learn Something New Every Day classmates. Wow! Firstly, what a lot of gorgeous craft projects - so much talent out there! But also, so many beautifully laid out blogs. I really need to revamp this one... I may be asking for help at some point!!

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I love your album! And thank you so much for being my first follower. Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff. Cheers!